Trading on the stock exchange – the forex market

Among all the investment channels in the capital market and the various options of trading on the stock exchange, there is a rather hidden channel, which does not have enough positive public relations and despite being a key component in the world economy and almost every individual, company or country is thick and tangled. Visible and it is, for those who have not yet understood, the market for currencies, commodities and stock indices, or, as it is known in the world of stock exchange trading and division into markets – the foreign exchange market, FOREX Belaz (Foreign Exchange).

Everything around us revolves around the exchange rates of currencies and commodities in the world. Ranging from the degrees of rice that change due to an increase or decrease in the value of Vietnamese wax or Chinese yuan to embarking on a bloody military campaign against a change of control over Kuwait oil fields. Any decision, action, or change in the day-to-day trading trend of the stock market is affected by economic announcements by governors and key agents of corporations and countries regarding currency exchange rates and index changes, so ignoring the existence of such a large-scale market when trading stock options Interesting investment and considerable profit potential.

Trading on the stock exchange communicates with us, automatically, for shares and the transmission of orders to brokers who sit in the trading rooms of banks and impose commissions and coupons on any of our orders, whether executed or not executed. Banks also know this, so as the popularity of trading on the World Forex Exchange grows, so does opposition activity to this trade, involving high-ranking financial agents who warn the investing public about speculation and over-risk in this market and the type of trading on such a stock exchange. While trading on a regular stock exchange is not possible without a broker who is a stock exchange member, trading in currencies, commodities, or stock indices is accessible and open to anyone with network access, trading software, and a minimal amount of money for leveraged investment, but this fact is also the main disadvantage of stock trading. This is the lack of experience and thought that if anyone can then I am also capable, and this should not be ignored when trying to test the benefits of the foreign exchange market over the other capital markets operating in the global economic sphere.

The lack of understanding of the foreign exchange market is very similar, in essence, in nature and dimensions, to the general public’s lack of knowledge regarding “traditional” capital investments such as provident funds, mutual funds, and stocks. , Even one that is sent once a month to the house and updates on a change of 30 agorot in the PKM savings, see that this is a professional and confusing document written for the eyes of economists and not the general public, etc. about the various programs offered by banks to customers S. for Economics in London or at least a degree in Economics from a recognized college in Israel.

It is easy to predict that the trend of expansion of the foreign exchange market will intensify over the years and with the advancement of technology and the globalization of information, and the sooner we act in this channel of trading on the stock exchange, the more we will create a significant advantage for the future.