10 Mysterious Facts Nobody Can Explain


1. Rain Man

The rain man mystery is no doubt so famous around the world due to the consequences that happened. There is no one out there who loves mysterious knowledge, but don’t know about it. If you are the one who still doesn’t have any clue what we are talking about, focus on the things we are going to tell you about this mystery.

The grandfather of Don Decker Died in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, back in 1983. After attending the funeral, don decker’s suddenly Felt Heated and fell into asleep. During that time, the house he was staying doesn’t have any water pipes installed in it. However, the walls of the living room and ceiling started dripping down with water. It was a very confusing and shocking experience for the young man due to no water pipes.

One of Don’s friends immediately called out the police and told everything about the situation. The police officer who was on the phone suggested that his friend take don’s out from the house to a nearby pizza restaurant. The interesting thing they experience is the same phenomenon at the Pizza restaurant where the water started stripping away from the walls and ceiling. It was an impossible situation for them, so they came out of the place. Luckily, the rain stopped.

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