Heart Attack Signs


Heart attack symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the severity of your issue. There can be intense tightness in the chest or you can feel constantly nauseous and cold sweat also. If you are experiencing heart attack signs then it is best to rush to the hospital nearby to get yourself checked. Even if it is a minor angina discomfort, it is always best to have a professional to check you. They will run a heart attack blood test and let you know about the severity of your problem.

Heart attack prevention mainly lies in the type of lifestyle you are leading. A lot of oily, processed and fried food can disrupt your cardio system which boosts heart attack symptoms. The basic heart attack treatment is medication. These are usually life-long if you have had a severe heart attack. On the other side, prevention is better so leading a healthy life can keep your heart healthy too. If you have had a heart attack, then it is best to get the best health insurance for yourself.