Aids Disease


A disease in human beings, which they develop by HIV is known as Aids. A healthy adult body contains 500 to1500 CD4 cells per cubic millimeter. But, the body of a person having HIV has a CD4 below 200 per millimeter and the doctor diagnosed Aids to that person.  The CD4 cells within the body of people are killed by HIV. The signs involve fever, depression, nausea, throat infections, general pains, weight loss, vomiting, etc. AIDS is transmitted through blood, vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk.

The main sign and symptom of Aids is the decrease in the efficiency and working of the immune system. A person has become vulnerable to many kinds of diseases, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, oral thrush, some specific type of cancer, and many more serious illnesses. A person should take Aids disease treatment as soon as possible. Aids medication involves antiretroviral medication. These AIDS drugs are divided into six