14 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Changes In Breast

Women’s cancer includes changes in the breast. If you observe changes in the breast then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible, as it may be a sign of cancer. The skin may observe dimpling or the nipples turn inward. There can also be some kind of discharge from the nipple. There can also be redness around the nipples or the skin around the breasts. If these cancer symptoms are observed then you should visit a doctor. These symptoms are usually observed by women at early stages while taking a bath. The presence of lumps around breasts or armpits can be a women’s cancer symptom. Observing these symptoms can save a woman from the chances of cancer, cancer is caused by these lumps.

2. Bloating

Bloaters are naturally present in women; observe it if it stays more than a week or two weeks then a checkup is necessary. The cancer signs include bloating usually with weight loss and blood, if these cancer signs are observed then the woman should visit a doctor. Permanent bloating can be a cancer sign which can cause breast, colon, gastrointestinal, ovary, pancreatic, and uterine. For other cancer signs, tests like pelvic, blood, mammogram, colonoscopy, CT scan be done.

3. Period Bleeding, Observing Spots

Women’s cancer can be caused while having periods if there is any kind of spotting then tell your doctor about it so that the checkup for the cancer signs can be started. Having bleeding besides the normal day’s cycle can be a cancer sign, so if you observe it then you should see a doctor so that the doctor can examine the lining of the uterus to confirm endometrial cancer. Discharge that is bloody, dark, and smells usually gives the sign of the presence of any kind of infection but also can be cancer caused by these symptoms. These can include cervical, vaginal and endometrial cancer. Also if women observe blood after menopause then they should visit a doctor.

4. Changes In Skin

Women’s cancer includes cancer signs like changes occurring in the shape, size, and colors of the moles or spots . The presence of new spots is also a cancer sign, these cancer signs represent skin cancer. If these signs are observed then you should see a doctor for a biopsy and a detailed check-up as soon as possible.

5. Stool With Blood Or Urination With Blood

Women’s Cancer includes cancer signs like bleeding in stool or bleeding while urinating, bleeding besides normal days cycle is serious and cancer can be caused due to this so see a doctor as soon as possible for a detailed checkup if it stays more than two or three days. Hemorrhoids can also cause bleeding and it can also cause colon cancer. Bleeding in the stool or while urinating are the early signs of kidney cancer or bladder cancer.

6. Changes Occurring In Lymph Nodes

Women’s cancer includes cancer signs like changes occurring in the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small and bean shape glands in the body. These lymph nodes are usually affected by infections occurring in the body. These cancer signs may indicate the presence of leukemia and lymphoma cancers in the body. Cancer causes the lymph nodes to be swollen and they usually become tender. If you observe these cancer signs then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

7. Swollen Parts Of Body

Women’s cancer includes cancer signs like swelling in different parts of the body with vomit and loss of weight, if this doesn’t happen often then it’s not a problem but persistently occurring is a serious sign. So go see a doctor as soon as possible for a detailed checkup as it can a symptom of stomach cancer. These cancer signs are examined by endoscopy which is done by passing an alight tube down the throat. Also by a CT scan of the neck, chest, and abdomen. A barium test can also be down which is tested by a special liquid that helps the stomach and throat to stand out in the x-ray report.

8. Weight Loss 

People having cancer are usually tended to lose weight without even losing it, it just happens to their body. Losing 10lb weight can be the cause of cancer which is unexplainable weight loss so the patient should visit the doctor for cancer treatment. If you are no on a diet and you are losing your weight five percent rapidly as compared to the normal then it may be the signs of cancer. Loss of weight rapidly can be a serious problem. This weight loss problem may occur in the stomach which causes different cancers, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer but this usually doesn’t occur in cancers like breast, prostate, colon, pancreatic, stomach, and lung cancer. If these cancer signs are observed then go for a PET or CT scan for a detailed check-up.

9. Heartburn

Women’s cancer also includes h heartburn as a cancer sign which can cause esophageal cancer or colon cancer and if these symptoms are observed then you should visit a doctor for cancer treatment and mainly esophageal or colon cancer treatment. If the heartburn is persistent then it can be a serious sign of women’s cancer suggested by cancer research UK. Heartburn can be due to the acid from the stomach which goes back up into the esophageal, this can also due to stomach irritation. These cancer signs or cancer are caused by tumors which will eventually stop the valve from working and cause indigestion.

10. Changes Occurring In Mouth

Women’s Cancer treatment is really important and people should take it seriously and its cancer signs, whether it is colon cancer treatment or others. Cancer is caused when moles change their shapes, sizes and colors are not only the cancer sign for cancer but wounds, spots or mouth ulcers not healing can be a serious problem too and a symptom for cancer. Mouth ulcers can be a symptom of oral cancer and it tends to appear on the tongue if its lasting for too long so it’s better to see a dentist or your doctor examine the case in detail.

11. Persistent Fever

Women’s cancer may include cancer signs like fever which is staying persistently and no reason is examined then it can be a cause of leukemia or blood cancer in women. If these cancer sins are observed then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible to examine it in detail to get the treatment. 

12. Feeling Tired Or Fatigue

Women cancer includes cancer signs like tiredness. Even when resting or after taking rest people with cancer feel tired. After getting the treatment too, the tiredness can get along for weeks, months, and even years, the cancer caused is known as chronic fatigue or tiredness. The energy gets back once the patient is completely fine and it can happen even after 6 months or even more. Signs of tiredness should be taken seriously and visit a doctor as soon as possible to kick start the cancer treatment after confirmation.

13. Cough

Women cancer include cancer signs like coughing or having infections which can be bronchitis and sinusitis may indicate early stages of cancer after a complete examination of the tests. These may be the early signs of lung cancer or head cancer or neck cancer. People having a cough that is not getting better after even a month or there is blood in mucus can cause cancer for which you should see a doctor for cancer treatment if present.

14. Having Pain 

Women’s cancer includes cancer signs like pain. Pain is caused due to many reasons and these are considered normal. Such as having an ache which may be caused after gym, exercise, or walk. Many diseases are life-threatening are caused by chronic conditions and diseases but severe pain can cause cancer like blood cancer or brain cancer and the person feeling these signs should visit a doctor after confirmation, the cancer signs may include bruises and pain in joints. The pain can be an ache and more of stabbing pain and can be at different parts of the body. It can also cause indigestion in the stomach, gas, or cramps.